What We Do

Since September 2013, our drop-in centre has been operating every week, where currently (April 2015) an average of 50 individuals and families access the service for help. At drop-in each week we serve tea and coffee and some light snacks and provide a space where individuals can have a chat and receive some support.

Individuals are referred by local charities and other services such as; Citizens Information, Social Welfare and a local family project. Other means of hearing about the foodbank include frontline care workers and by word of mouth.

Food Collection

Food is collected through our food store in Dara Cinema from a number of sources;

  • Personal donation
  • Food Drop points at local Tesco Stores and other organisations
  • Food Cloud contributions
  • Organisational Support

Food Distribution

Care parcels are packed by volunteers every week and distributed both by delivery and at our drop-in centre Tuesday morning 10:30-11:30am. If you know of anyone in need, please contact us here.